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Welcome to the X-Cam Jumplink Collection Website

If you´re using Silola´s awesome X-Cam so you might´ve stumbled about his tutorial Videos already. Did you asked yourself how cool it would be if you could just click on one of the dozens of headlines and you´re magically right at that respective spot within the Video?
So if this is the case you might want to know a little more about the X-Cam Jumplink Collection.

What the heck is a Jumplink Collection?

The Jumplink Collection enables one to directly jump into a certain part of one of Silola´s 20+2 Tutorial Videos. Its a Collection of links. The headlines are hotlinked directly into the part of the Video where Silola is explaining a particular feature that you are looking for. In other Words, just scroll down to the part where the required information is located and jump right into this point by clicking on the respective link, thats all.

This collection is provided in two different ways.

  • Part by Part Presentation
    The first one is the Part by Part Presentation. That simply means that the hotlinks are sorted just like the regular order of Silola´s Tutorial Videos, with one exception....they are linked from now on.

  • Categorised Presentation
    The categorised Presentation is different from the Part by Part Presentation. All links are sorted by a certain Category and further sorted by subcategories. That means that if you´re looking for, let say a certain Object manipulation function, so just go to the Object manipulation Category and pick the feature you want to know and voilá, there you´re.

  • Silola made an awesome Job with his X-Cam and he furthermore has put a lot of effort in the Tutorial Videos. But if one wants to know how a certain function works so it can be a very long process to find exactly this spot within those Videos.
    Thats why I have created this Collection. Now it became an official Part of his Website to make it even more easy for all the eager Mapmakers out there to use the X-Cam more effeciently from now on.

    But I´ve been talking enough though, so lets get started...

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