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What is new in Update 1.2

Daytime switch
The Turbo Mode
Optimized Export function
Reworked Object detection Methode
Bypass detection Method (old/new)
Advanced deletebrush functions
Advanced singlebrush functions
Change the orientation of an Object within a singlebrush session
Advanced delete function while beeing in a singlebrush session
Restricted movement
Geometry detection (Object is following Geometry of other Objects)
Directly place an Object ontop of another Object
Place a unit ontop of an Object
Various Hide functions
Hiding Objects by using an Object selection
Hide a whole Object Group
Hiding Objects by using a hidebrush
Global hide function
Using a hidebrush for Map Objects
Detecting and hiding Map Objects
Making hidden Map Objects visible again
Saving hidden Map Objects in a script file
Highlithing hidden Objects
The Restore function
Restore deleted Objects with one step
Important Background Information for the restore functionality
Multibrush configurations, explanation and Demo
Creating a new multibrush Configuration
Changing the settings of an already saved configuration
Creating a new configuration based of an already existing one
Creating a multibrush configuration based on already imported map Objects
The random object pool
The "Find duplicates" function
Extended restricted movement option
Figure distant between several Objects to place them along an another Object
Pitch & Bank function
Improved loading time
Reworked and optimized Search function
The new search button in the x-cam
Filter the searchresults for certain Objects
Search within a Project for certain Objects