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X-Cam settings and User Interface

X-Cam Library

X-Cam data Structure
First start and library settings
where to find the library folders (Favourite, Objects, Projects)
Adding new Object Classes (Addons) to the Library *** NEW ENTRY ***

The User Interface

Hide all X-Cam UI Elements
Change the color schemes
Change available color schemes
Dynamic tooltip text
Load a certain Button definition
Button definitions

The tools within X-Cam

Restricted start option (Player Name) since 1.05
The statusline at the bottom of the Screen
All about the System window
The hidden list of all available keyboard shortcuts
Daytime switch since 1.2
The Turbo Mode since 1.2
Optimized Export function since 1.2
The Restore function since 1.2
Important Background Information for the restore functionality since 1.2
The "Find duplicates" function since 1.2
Figure distant between several Objects to place them along an another Object since 1.2
Improved loading time since 1.2
Reworked and optimized Search function since 1.2
The new search button in the x-cam since 1.2
Filter the searchresults for certain Objects since 1.2
Turn the Simulation ON temporarily

Certain functions

Object layer is automaticly activated if you start X-Cam since 1.21
Additional dialog elements
Changing viewdistance settings
Changing shadowdistance settings
Changing the terraingrid value
Explanation of the Dialog Element "Pos"
Saving Performance while working with X-Cam
Script and mission export test

X-Cam camera functions

Camera movement
Camera settings
Use the position list for user defined Camera positions
Option to invert 4 different Camera control functions since 1.05

All about Projects

Search within a Project for certain Objects since 1.2
Create a Project
Projects (save, unload and reload)
How to abort the loading process of a Project?
Delete a Project
Additional save option, if Objects copied from different Projects since 1.05

Exporting Projects

Working with different Projects together in the same time since 1.05
Export your Project
Import data into the TerrainBuilder
Export file as "type of" files (one file per Object Type) since 1.05
How to track down the reason for the "Dialog TxTImport" Error Message in TB
New Feature: How to search for an Object that has been tracked down in TB?


How to use the favourite lists
How to create a new favourite list
The possibilities to add Object types to a favourite list
Add all Objects from an active library list to a desired favourite list
Add any Object types from an Object selection
Add a single Object type to the favourite list
How to delete an Object from the favourite list
How to add the whole content from a favourite list
How to delete a desired favourite inclusive its Objects
Create a new favourite from an Object selection
How to add already imported Objects to a favourite list
The meaning of the default favourite list
Safe an active default favourite so that it can be used for further Projects as well as on other Maps
Place all Objects of a favourite list in a row (3D Object Collection)
Delete a 3D Object Collection again
How to create a favourite list from Map Objects (one need to know how to preselect Map Objects)


What about prefabrications
Problems with Favourites and Prefabs?
How to abort the loading process of a Prefab (in case its a very large prefab)
Export / Import a colorset
Share prefabs, favourites and Projects
Load a saved prefab
Create and save your own prefab
Edit an already saved prefab

Marker Functions

Marker function
The three different Player based Marker types

X-Cam Specials

Define a new destination output folder
Terrain visualisation incl. some settings since 1.05
One-step processing of multiple Projects (incl. export) since 1.05

Object manipulation

important Features to work with Objects

Place a unit ontop of an Object since 1.2
Directly place an Object ontop of another Object since 1.2
Last used object class is automaticly reloaded if you restart X-Cam since 1.21
Expand the object types list view since 1.21
Expand the object classes list view since 1.21
All about the Objects info page
All about the search window
How Objects are organized in the X-Cam
Saving Objects

Object creation and the Object lists

Create the first Object and make use of the lists
Changing Objects slow
Changing Objects fast

Object detection

Reworked Object detection Methode since 1.2
Bypass detection Method (old/new) since 1.2
Geometry detection (Object is following Geometry of other Objects) since 1.2
The background behind the Object detection distance
Activate or deactivate the detection of already imported Objects

Reference Object

Change the reference Object
Why it is sometimes necessary to change the reference Object
The significance of the reference Object in connection of a height change
Set the Camera back to the last known position (the reference Object)

Object Scaling

Random scaling function

working with Objects

Changing the copy direction
Extended Options for the copy function
Rotate Objects stepless
Rotate Objects stepwise
Rotate in 45 degree steps
Set Objects back to the last known position
Set Objects back to the last temporary position
Set Objects back to the last saved position
Switch to the last saved Object

Replace functions

Replace single Objects
Place an Object to the already defined working height
How to use the advanced replace function
Undo the last advanced replace function
Use the replace function by using another placed Objects
Replace all Objects that have another Boundingbox size (e.g. a whole wall)
Replace just one Object type within an Object Collection
Global delete and replace function

enhancing the workflow

Object orientation (adapt a Wall to the orientation of a house)
Change the Object height stepless and stepwise
Set Object height back to ground level
Smooth Object movement
Restricted Object movement
Restricted movement since 1.2
Extended restricted movement option since 1.2
using alternate moving mode to work more precise
Moving Objects around another Object
Grid moving mode
Set Random scaling values for pitch and bank
The 3 possibilities to change the height of an Object
Set Objects immediately to another height level
Adjust the working height while working with Objects
Define the working height by the height of any selected Object

boundingbox related functions

Copy Objects along the boundingbox
Switch the boundingbox visualisation mode (if one need to safe performance)
Objects with a small boundingbox (The use of the basic grid size)

Advanced work with Objects

Changing Object values manually (Object unlock function)
Set an Object to the height of another Object (Z Key function)
Set and use a user defined working height
Enablesimulation 'false' for a single Object
Save some init data for a single Object

user defined data

Save a user defined copy distance
Save a user defined rotation axis
Switch between original and user defined data
Demonstration about what the user defined data is capable of
Example to use the user defined rotation axis
Change rotation settings

work with Map Objects (already imported Objects)

How to copy pre-selected Map Objects
How to interact with Map Objects (already imported Objects)
Create a copy of any Map Object (already imported Object)
Preselect Map Objects and create a datapool with them
Preselect Map Objects by using the rame selection Function

Slope and ASL

Using slope function while beeing in a brush session
All about the slope function
Some basics about the ASL function
Advanced example about using the ASL function
Using the grid moving function while ASL is active
Setup a user defined working height with ASL enabled
Disable ASL function in order to reset the working height
switch from ASL Mode on / off while an Object selection is active
Use the ASL function with the singlebrush
Set an Object selection which has ASL enabled to a new position
Fix the Object placement issue after moving, if a selection was placed in ASL Mode
Using large stones in combination with the singlebrush and the ASL function

hiding Objects

Using a hidebrush for Map Objects since 1.2
Global hide function since 1.2
Detecting and hiding Map Objects since 1.2
Making hidden Map Objects visible again since 1.2
Saving hidden Map Objects in a script file since 1.2
Highlithing hidden Objects since 1.2
Hiding Objects by using a hidebrush since 1.2
Various Hide functions since 1.2
Hiding Objects by using an Object selection since 1.2
Hide a whole Object Group since 1.2

deleting Objects

Delete single Objects
Delete single Objects within a close Object group (e.g. a certain bush within a bush group)
Restore deleted Objects with one step since 1.2

Object selection

Select a single Object
Deselect already preselected Objects
Copy and delete Objects of a selection
Create a manual Object selection
Create a brush selection
Create an Object selection by using the multibrush
Create an Object selection by using the singlebrush
Create a frame selection
Alternate Methode to start a frame selection since 1.05
What is an automatic selection
Repetition of the frame selection and what one should care about
Extended Options for an Object selection

The Objectpool

Create and use the dynamic Object pool
Define a probability for each Object within an Objectpool
Include favourites within an Objectpool
Create an Objectpool of Map Objects

Set a Selectionfilter

Set a simple selection filter
Filter a whole selection for just one Object type
How to use the different filter functions for Object selections
Advanced filter for a brush selection

Moving Object selections

Different functions to move an entire Object selection
Use quick moving function for selected Objects
Set an entire Object selection to another height level
Rotate an Object selection around any other Object
Rotate an Object selection around the rotation axis of each individual Object of the selection
Expand or reduce an Object selection while the selection is active
Set an Object selection immediately to a new position

Object Collection

Objection Collection Output Array (reffers to place a favourite list 3D Object Collection on the map)

Object groups

Switch between automatically selected Object groups
Advanced explanations about certain Object groups and their way to select them
Select multiple Objectgropus
Create your own Object groups
Split one Object group in several smaller groups
Using ASL function with Object groups
Using Object groups for the grid moving function while ASL is active
How to use the special function "random grouping"

Special Object functions

Pitch & Bank function since 1.2
The random object pool since 1.2